Automated Assembly: PCB / PCBA Assembly, Building, and Contract Manufacturing Services in Utah (UT)
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Services in Utah

Getting Started

Getting Started
To request a quotation for your PCB assembly project, please e-mail the following data to us at

  • The Gerber files required for fabricating the PCB

  • PCB fabrication notes (If any)

  • The Bill of Materials (*.xlsx spreadsheet or tab-delimited *.txt file.  See notes below.)

  • The pick-and-place data file(s) for the PCB (If any)

  • PCB assembly notes (If any)

  • Whether the boards are RoHS-compliant (lead-free) or tin/lead

  • The number of finished PCB assemblies desired

  • The desired delivery date

  • Your contact information, including a telephone number and e-mail address

The Bill of Materials file should contain at least the following:

  • A customer part number for each part (Not required, but very common.  This is the number your company uses to refer to the part in your CAD libraries and/or inventory.)

  • A part description for each part (Component type, value, tolerance, package, etc.)

  • A Manufacturer Name for each part (Please don't omit this or label it "Generic")

  • A Manufacturer's Part Number for each part (Please don't omit this or label it "Generic")

  • A reference designator for each part (The reference designators must match the legend printed on the PCB)

  • The quantity required for each part number

  • Distributor names and catalog numbers for each part (If available)

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding these files and data.

After receiving the information listed above, Automated Assembly will provide you with a written quote for your PCB assembly project.