Automated Assembly: PCB / PCBA Assembly, Building, and Contract Manufacturing Services in Utah (UT)
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Services in Utah

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Services

Prototypes and Production Runs

Mechanized PCB Assembly

Assembling from 1  to  500  boards per run.
Our Pick-and-Place machines produce high-quality circuit boards.

Convenient Utah Location

We are conveniently located half-way between Salt Lake City, and Provo, Utah.
  • Smaller Production Runs Reduce Delays

Because we focus on smaller production runs, projects rotate on and off our factory floor quickly, leaving us with many opportunities to schedule new projects.

  • "First Come, First Served" Scheduling

We do not consider small projects to be "filler" betwen larger projects.  Your project gets the attention it deserves, and it will not be "bumped" to a later date to accommodate a larger project.

  • Dedicated Production Machines

We have two pick-and-place machines.  One is dedicated to smaller projects and the other to larger projects.  This keeps smaller projects from being held-up by larger projects, and vice-versa.

  • Local Shipping

Since we are a local Utah company, shipping finished boards by UPS Ground usually gets boards delivered to you the day after they are shipped, so you are not waiting for boards that are "in-transit".
Fast Turnaround
  • No "Excess Materials" Charges

By managing our inventory well, most projects do not incur any "Excess Materials" charges.  Because of this, our customers trust us to build their boards as "turn-key" builds, and they save money by not kitting their projects for "consignment" builds.

  • Correctly Designed Solder Paste Stencils

We are skilled at designing solder paste stencils.  This reduces your costs by reducing the amount of rework required by a PCB run.

  • Price Matching

If another assembly house provides you a quote that costs less than ours, please ask us to match the price.  We are interested in being competitive on pricing and can often match other quotes.

  • Local Shipping

Since we are a local Utah company, we ship finished boards by UPS Ground, saving you on shipping costs.  You still get the boards delivered the next business day, but it costs less than "overnight" shipping.
Reduced Cost
  • Thermal Profiling

We instrument a sacrificial board with thermcouples and run it through the reflow oven several times, optimizing the oven's zone temperatures.  We don't get it "close enough".  We get it right!  And in addition to this, we never strip the thermocouples off the profiling board and sell it to you as finished goods.

  • ESD Handling

We are careful to ensure that your PCBs are properly handled, from start to finish, to prevent ESD damage.

  • PCB Washing

Properly cleaned PCBs operate more consistently and last longer.  We've made modifications to our circuit board washer to ensure that is thoroughly cleans your PCBs.  In fact, we re-wrote the software on its controller to improve its cleaning performance!

  • Inspection

We carefully inspect every PCB that comes off our production lines.  We don't rely on spot-checking only a few boards in a production run.
High Quality
  1. If you want boards of the highest quality, this is the place.
    "If you want boards of the highest quality, this is the place."
    - Darryl S. (Electrical Engineer)
  2. Endorsement pending.