Getting Started
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Getting started with your PCB assembly project is simple:

First, call us at (801) 550-2772 and ask for a quote on your PCB assembly project.  A brief telephone conversation will assess whether or not we can meet your circuit board assembly needs.

Then, e-mail the following data to us at quoterequest@automated-assembly.com:

  • The Bill of Materials (*.xls spreadsheet or tab-delimited *.txt file)
  • The Gerber files required for fabricating the PCB
  • The pick-and-place data file for the PCB (if available)
  • The number of finished PCB assemblies desired
  • The date on which you need the boards finished
  • Whether the boards are RoHS-compliant or tin/lead
  • Contact information, including a telephone number and e-mail address

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding these files.

After receiving the information listed above, Automated Assembly will provide you with a written quote for your PCB assembly project.